Mission Statement

We are a million.

According to many researches, over one million Poles live on the British Isles and Polish is the most popular foreign language. For years, the Poles have been considered hard working, honest people who are family oriented, look after their neighbours and have an innate need of order.

Since WWII, we have been a permanent element of the British society, respecting the traditions of the Crown, working towards the country’s economic and social growth and sharing our know-how, from the NHS to the London School of Economics, where our top economists, including former prime ministers, are lecturers, to top jobs in the City, the European capital of finance.

The voice of the British people on the country’s future is very important to us. Recent changes in the government, votes in the Parliament and a lack of countrywide consensus seems to reflect the views of not just the four nations, but also other inhabitants of the British Isles. As a significant group living here, we feel obliged to publish our opinions on the fate of what is also our home. We are sure of the need for a single voice expressing what we say in a million of our daily conversations with neighbours, both British and European, all of whom say it is high time to speak up.

This is why we are speaking up now. Not only in the name of a million Poles, but also the confused British and other European citizens. We all want the right to stay in our home, chosen with our hearts and the laws of which we have dutifully observed. We want to teach our children what poppies mean and why the Polish pilots gave their lives for Britain 70 years ago. We want to be heard.

We are a million. You will learn more about us soon.

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